Chiropractors Reveal 3 Secrets in Warding Off Headaches

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Whether you are feeling a migraine or a throbbing pain, headaches can be difficult and really inconvenient. Chiropractors, who deal with a lot of patients complaining about tension headaches, therefore, share some secrets on how to effectively manage headaches so that they won’t last for hours.

Here are the top three steps on warding off headaches according to reliable chiropractors:

Sleep it off.

There is nothing a good sleep can’t cure, and this includes headaches and migraines. When you feel pain in your head, chances are there is a particular part or organ of your body that is not functioning well. And you can easily cure it by shutting off and resetting your body.

If you have the venue and opportunity when your headache attacks, such as you are simply in your house, for example, just lay your head down and get sufficient rest. If it is night time, sleep it off until the morning. If it is in the afternoon, make sure to get long, uninterrupted nap. When you wake up, you’ll feel way much better and your headache will magically disappear.

If, however, you are outside or at work when your headache manifests, find a way to go home immediately so that you can rest. Napping for a few minutes in the car or at your desk at work may only worsen the pain.

Drink lots of water.

In many cases, headaches occur when the body loses its water supply. Since our body is made up of 70-80% water, we need to maintain this volume every time. However, as we sneeze, pee, sweat, cry, and talk, the level of water in our body decreases. When it is not properly replenished, our blood gets thicker and concentrated, making it difficult to flow throughout the body. And by law of gravity, the brain may move from its original position, causing the excruciating pain in the head. Thus, drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day is essential to replace the water that we excrete from the body.

Engage in a quick exercise.

Some may hesitate about this advice and wonder how one can do some exercises when there is pain in the head. Remember that the common headache normally begins in the shoulders and neck and ends like a tight band squeezing the head. If this is how you experience headache, it means that the type of pain you are having is tense and stressed.

Before it even reaches the top of your head, you can stop it from maturing through a simple neck exercise. This is how you do it. Drop your head forward (like doing a bow) and simply allow your neck muscles to relax. To ensure that you have the right position, your chin should be resting on the top of your chest. Stay like this for two minutes, then rest your hands on top of your head. Apply more pressure and increase the stretch by letting your arms hang down loosely.

While there are a lot of medications and pain killers for headaches, as well as essential oils, herbal teas, and other remedies, by following these top strategies, you can say goodbye to headache in no time.